Founded in 1880

Hubert was founded in 1880 and has more than a century experience in the market of water purification, water treatment and water intake systems. Over the years Hubert gained an extensive number of satisfied customers all over the world.

Hubert is supplying a wide range of products, from small screw pumps till complete water intake systems and water treatment equipment. Hubert has customers all over the world and places a great deal of importance on personal contact in order to meet their demands and provide the requested service.

History of Hubert:

2003   Harlingen Holding Group
1999   Vivendi Water
1998   US Filter Group
1990   Troy Environ Group
1972   Esmil International Group
1880   Hubert Founded

Ideal manufacturing location

The accessibility of our factory in Stavoren (The Netherlands) is an important asset, which includes the company’s quay for seagoing vessels and a railway connection. This ideal location enables Hubert to ship equipment as heavy as 250 tons without difficulties.

In order to manufacture and assemble the Hubert equipment, Hubert owns a well-equipped manufacturing facility with a total floor space of 7.000 m2 and crane capacity of 92.5 tons.

Quality assurance

Hubert is certified according to:
• ISO 9001/2008
• VCA ** (SCC-SHE)
• IIW EN ISO 3834-2
This means that all our design, manufacturing and installation is done according to the procedures of this quality management system.

Welding- and construction codes

Hubert has a wide experience with the following quality standards:
• Welders qualified acc. EN 287/ASME IX/AWS D1.1
• Welding procedures qualifications acc. EN 15614/ASME IX/AWS D1.1
• Welding qualifications for various materials

Cooperation with international recognized Notified bodies
• German T.U.V.    • Lloyds    • Det Norske Veritas    • Bureau Veritas    • ABS

Safety management

Hubert is certified according to safety Management system SCC (VCA) by KIWA since June 2000.

This means that the safety management system employed by Hubert complies with the Safety Checklist Contractors in the area of:
• consultation
• design
• engineering
• manufacturing
• Erection
• Start-up and commissioning